Welcome back! It's been awhile. My old domain got snatched up by some guy who wants $5000.00 for it. Since I don't think "slowbeef.com" is worth that much if you embossed it in effin' diamond, I just added a prefix and spent $10 instead. That's my MBA at work!

Some Playlists

Let's Play Dead To Rights: Possibly My Best Known VLP

Let's Play Snatcher: My Favorite Game

Let's Play Contra 3: A Game I Am Actually Good At and Like:

My YouTube Channel Though I'm slowly bringing back all my articles, this is where the majority of the content I've done recently is

Contact Me

E-Mail: slowbeef@gmail.com Twitter: @slowbeef Retsupurae: Maybe you've heard of this, I don't know. Ask.fm: Slowbeef

Frequently Unasked Questions

Who are you?

slowbeef. Hi.

Where did you get that name?

When I was in college, my roommate played Fallout and was eating corn beef hash from a can and named his character "Corn Beef." To be wacky (I'm sorry, I was young), I made a new character, his brother "Slow." After discovering Seanbaby and wanting to write humorous video game shit too, I bought the domain slowbeef.com; a couple people liked it so I kept going. Here we are.

Where is your Metal Gear 2 Strategy Guide?

Uploading it soon (hopefully today!) Other stuff to follow so long as it stayed funny and relevant in the past decade and a half which I'm sure it... has?